About the Serrano Family


It all started in 1979 when Ernie and Eva Serrano were working in the family business, Serrano's Clothing Store, in downtown Chandler.

The Serrano family had several clothing stores dating back to 1919, making Serrano's the oldest, continuous family owned business in Chandler.

Using the same Serrano's logo as their clothing stores, Ernie and Eva opened their first restaurant in 1979 just behind the clothing store in downtown Chandler. Shortly after, they decided to close their last clothing store and put all their efforts into the restaurant business.

Their efforts were prosperous, and a few years later their son, Ric, joined the Company and opened their second location in Tempe.

Today, the Serrano family owns and operates 5 restaurants in the Southeast valley. Six of Ernie and Eva's eight children and several grandchildren are involved in the restaurants on a day to day basis.